iO are a live band playing popular rock music from classic to new.  We will get your party started and keep it revving into the night

iO are a five-piece ensemble featuring leading diva Lucretia Maclean (vocals, percussion), Jim Walmsley (lead/rhythm guitar, keyboards, vocals), Charlie Robinson (lead/rhythm guitar, vocals), James Shanks (drums, occasional screams) and Trevor Faulknor (bass guitar).  

We perform well-known rock and pop hits from Queen to Billy Idol, Pat Benatar to Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd to The Killers and many more, in a kick-ass performance that suits all ages and tastes.  Perfect for any kind of party - we can play quietly, but that doesn't tend to last for very long.

We can play up to five hours' of material from our current repertoire, and come with our own sound system and technician, for parties of up to 500 people.  We are an affordable entertainment option for your next special event.  And to create the perfect ambience, we can also bring a full professional lighting rig and technician to create a lighting spectacular.  Enquire now to get a quote for your event.


Having taken 32 years to get up the guts to sing in front of other people, now Fiona can’t get enough.  She’s spent the last few years making up for lost time, singing with not only iO but as a lead vocalist in Mocha Choco Latte, and vocal support in the Julie Lamb Band, Emma Davey and the Monks of Cool and the Dave Feehan Band.  Her wide and eclectic taste in music means she fits in just about anywhere, and has a voice versatile enough to perform Led Zeppelin through to Grace Jones.  She loves all music with attitude – classic rock, blues, hip hop, funk, soul, R&B, heavy metal (but she does not like punk), house, garage, drum & bass - anything with attitude.  She has to be reminded to sing a few slow songs from time to time to give the crowd a break.  


Fiona keeps herself busy of late writing, recording and producing her own musiccal creations.  Clearly the youngest and best-looking of the bunch (but not with the biggest boobs) Fiona brings plenty of energy, fun and attitude to iO. 

Musical influences:  The Gossip, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Tool, Beth Hart, Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone, Missy Elliott, Alicia Keys, the list is endless..... 





Lead and rhythm guitarist “Charlie Guitarlie” plays a mean rock guitar and hits those ‘sweet spots’ every time.  His riffs often induce a tear or two in James’ eye (although he doesn’t always admit this).  Charlie has played in various bands with James (our powerhouse drummer) for about 15 years including a stint with Jim in Wellington Blues band “Silverline”.  


Apart from playing in numerous bands he has done some recording work.  He is prone to singing the odd song with that milky voice, and throwing in backing vocals for Fiona when his guitar fingers are not too busy.


Because Charlie, Jim and James love making music together and are all great friends from way back, they decided to form the band that was to ultimately become iO.


Charlie’s biggest musical influences are David Gilmour, Gary Moore, Steve Vai, Mark Knopfler,  Vinnie Moore, Michael Schenker , Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy and many more.  He loves pop and rock, and loves it grunty or sweet and melodic.

Jim plays guitar and keyboards and does backing vocals in iO, often succeeding to do all three at once.  His earliest musical beginnings were learning piano and singing in a choir.


He joined his first professional band at the age of 17 in Christchurch and learned the trade of playing lots of gigs with a repertoire of standards. Later, while at University, he was a member of the world-famous-in-Christchurch R&B, Latino, and Ska band Louie and the Hotsticks. He then came to Wellington to get a proper job.


In Wellington he has played in several bands, including Silverline (blues) and Bliss (Kiwi rock). He has also recorded on several CDs, and has written and produced soundtracks.


Jim's earlier rock influences were guitarists such as Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore, David Gilmour, Rory Gallagher, Eric Clapton, and Bonnie Raitt, but he enjoys playing any music with guts and energy, which is why he’s perfect for iO.



Before his current tenure as drummer for iO and possessor of the coolest name in the band, James had humble beginnings as Wellington Snare Drum Champion in 1979, spending his formative drumming years playing in the Mana College Jazz Band & Concert Band.  Under the direction of Rodger Fox, he performed regularly at the Tauranga Jazz Festival.  James also played in covers bands while still at school, and was a regular member of the “2ZB Buzz O Bumble” band with Lyndsey Yeo, as well as the Porirua Municipal Brass Band.


In 1982 he took his drums overseas, playing with various bands six nights per week in pubs and clubs around Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.  On his return to NZ in 1985, James was involved in regular session work, recording advertising jingles.  He was a regular in the busy club and bar gig scene with many bands including Roadhouse Rebels, Meltdown and Nexus, playing a mix of rock, pop and blues.


James has toured with the overseas artists Herb McQuay, Carter Edwards and Gerry Joe Weise, as well as touring with NZ artists Johnny Devlin, Tom Sharplin, Maria Dallas, Shane, Robbie Ratana, Eddie Low, Bunny Walters, Tanya Rowles, Brendan Duggan, John Grennel, Ray Woolf, the late Ray Columbusand Billy T James.


Today James enjoys plying his trade in a more rock-oriented genre, and is very happy sitting in that groove.

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